Shout Out Trivia™

Four (Vanilla G-Rated) apps for iPhone are now available! It’s the perfect game for parties and nights out. Unlike other Trivia games, This is about having fun and testing your knowledge. Select “iPhone only” in the app store and search “Shout out Trivia” as three separate words. All four apps come up immediately.

ShoutOut 101 is free with ten different categories

For $.99, you can choose three other games:

Shout out Music (No 1’s, Divas, Rock & ROll, History, Lyrics)

Shout Out Sports (Football, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Olympics)

Shout Out Animals (Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish*, Everything else)

How do you play? If you’ve played Apples to Apples or Cards against humanity, you know the drill. one person reads out the question and everyone else shouts out their answer. the first to get it right gets a point.

ShoutOut Trivia Apps for i-phones Are now available

Shout Out trivia, Inc. was founded on the idea that trivia should be a blast and focus on what we really want to know: Sex! Yes, we have oodles of standard trivia, but we are Unique in telling you who the first Topless Dancer in America was. Or What was the first Porn Film shown in a real theater? Whether you are testing your knowledge or learning new facts, Shout out trivia goes where only Cards Against Humanity has been willing to go. Grab a beer (or 2) and prepare to laugh your butt off! America’s Sexpert is here.

Welcome to the “sexy” world of Trivia Carl